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Știre publicată pe 29/10/2014


Recently business environment is far from the stable one. The wave of mortgage crisis, violent fluctuations of currency, oil prices and precious metals force investors to take a balanced approach towards selecting an investment objective. According to recent estimates of financial advisors and analysts of the world largest stock exchange corporations among the alternative investments there are currency, bonds and hedge funds. At the same time experts are bullish on currency speculations and bearish on bonds and hedged funds in 2014.

Forbes, Contributor

Știre publicată pe 22/06/2014

GainsyVoice: Soluţie inteligentă de investiţii oferită de Gainsy

Gainsy, cel mai bun broker din Europa în 2014, indică sectoarele în care  merită investit în acest an.

Forbes România Forbes România, Contributor