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 ASMBrainVoice: European investors pump large amount of funds into the Ukrainian IT sector -

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ASMBrainVoice: European investors pump large amount of funds into the Ukrainian IT sector

DPU Systems (, the renowned Lithuanian development company, is currently in negotiations to buy the assets of ASM Brain (, a Ukrainian developer of many well-known online projects in the financial sector.

ASM (Advanced Startup Management) Brain has exploded the IT services market when it developed and promoted the online GAINSY ( Forex brokerage. In just a few years, the young brokerage firm has broken through a tight circle of competitors and made a name for itself in the trading market. It now appears in the first lines of all popular target resources. This is all thanks to the developments, ideas and soul put into the project by ASM Brain. Notably, one of ASM Brain’s partners is Devexperts, the developer of the thinkorswim platform for TD Ameritrade, the biggest brokerage firm on the US and Canadian markets.

Currently, DPU Systems cannot disclose the potential deal value of buying ASM Brain’s assets. However, when taking into account the success of ASM Brain’s developments, along with their experience, professionalism, reliability and the team’s highly coordinated interactions, the amount should exceed several dozen millions of euro. Despite being unable to provide specific financials, DPU Systems revealed that the purchase is being made at the market bottom—the lowest price a stock can reach as the result of a market downturn.

The assets of Ukrainian companies have fallen considerably due to the unrest the country has witnessed in past months. However, the USA and EU’s active support of Ukraine will encourage investors, thus the value of Ukrainian companies is expected to grow in the mid-term, signifying a market upturn. This is proved by the activity of major American investors, who pump large amounts of funds into the Ukrainian real estate, industrial and banking sectors. Because of these positive signs, according to DPU Systems analysts, this will make the acquisition of ASM Brain the company’s most promising and profitable purchase this year—or even this decade.


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